Girls' College, Kokrajhar

Accredited by NAAC with Grade C

Rashmivan, Narabari
P.O & DIST. Kokrajhar B.T.A.D Assam
PIN. 783370.
Principal Desk


The aim and objective for which it was established twenty years ago is to impart knowledge to women. Social upliftment; economic development; eradicating illiteracy and raising standard of living is not possible without the involvement of the half population of the society. In our country illiteracy is much more amongst the women than man. 

We insist upon quality of education. We have tried our level best to adopt with the emerging educational landscape. The impact of globalization in the liberalized boundary less atmosphere vehemently affected our education system. Everybody has to adjust in the novel situation. Our motto is to explore the hidden genius in students and make them fit accordingly for the benefit of the society and individually. Generally, young people are embodied with great skills, qualities, talents and potentialities. 

A perfect student can be nurtured with the triangular co-operation of the dedicated Teachers, students themselves and the parents in the tranquilent atmosphere. Teachers must play a pioneering role with active and dynamism in correctly locating the potentialities in students so that these can be explored for full-fledged flourishment which can be of use of the welfare of human being or living being. Teacher must always be wise, devoted, selflessness, impartial and dedicated.

The deserving students will always find a soft corner in us. We assist the students who are from poor economic background.

We are very thankful to the founders for whom we are here today. I want to thank Lt. Mohini mohan Brahma, the founder President and Lt. Kailash Jain, the founder member.

A special mention must be made with deep regard and gratitude for the great deed done by Lt. Rashmidevi Mahanta who has generously donated a plot of land measuring five bighas and eleven lechas for the college.

We owe gratitudes to many other founder members who have rendered great service in shaping this institution in present mode.

I thank the students who have chosen this institute of higher learning to pursue their study.



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